Breathe the Creativity

Taking a moment to breathe and relax your mind from the day to day on goings allows the creative energy to emerge.

You can get bogged down in your daily output, that your mind is not in a space to imagine.

I work full time and it takes me about 3 days when I am away from work, even away on a short break, for my mind to get back into its creative imaginative space, where I can dream of the jewellery I want to create, and to begin to build on a new collection or piece.

But once I get there, I can find inspiration to create in many objects around me. From art galleries, to architecture, the imagination is free.

It’s at these moments you long to have a portable studio that you can take with you on short trips 🙂 – note – always remember to pack a pencil and pad to sketch the designs. This will definitely help so you don’t lose them from your memory. Then on returning home, you can get right back into the studio and create the pieces you desire.

Don’t underestimate the importance of letting your mind take a breather from the everyday!!

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