Crystal Pendants – A simple elegance

Crystal pendants are a simple elegance.Everyone loves the way the sun, the light, captures and reflects a rainbow of colours.

Splashing its magical wonders anywhere it can.

Adding a crystal pendant or two to your out fit will add an instant glam without all the jangle of a beaded necklace. A pendant can be threaded onto an elegant cord, ribbon, leather, or necklace chain. The crystal pendant can be of many shapes, sizes and facets.
Multiple pendants tiered for the layered look, or a single pendant for a grab of sparkle.
A large pendant won’t be missed; like we are all drawn to diamonds we are drawn to crystal.

It’s the sparkle that captures our attention.

How can you choose the one for you? With many options to choose from, you can pretty much find one to reflect your style. A simple small elegance like a crystal pendant key on a silver chain, hanging close to your collar bone, or a large Pegasus pendant shaped like a tooth for a more dramatic take hanging low on a classic black cord.
A gorgeous more traditional option of a helix pendant shaped like a tear drop with angular facets made to capture and reflect light beautifully. This style also suits the long silver chain or cord. Hanging mid chest – calling for attention.

A large crystal pendant does require a little more love and care. To keep the exquisite reflective qualities ensure a soft cloth is on hand to wipe the crystal over before and after each wear, eliminating finger prints and everyday dust that may settle causing the pendant to lose its shine temporarily.
As its a larger crystal, be sure to pack it in its velvet bag when not being worn. This will help prevent unnecessary chips or scratches to the crystal pendant.

Most of all, wear it with happiness.


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