Love me truly! & store me well

I have to tell you that I simply adore these amazing jewellery trees. Super cute, super easy, and ultimately, we all love adding funky pieces to our stylish interior design work. Totally cool!

But that’s it! Unfortunately.

As a designer of fashion jewellery I want people to look after their jewellery purchases.

A great piece of jewellery can add the classy cool to an otherwise staple outfit. Take the classic jeans and white tee for example. We all know that sometimes this finishing touch can be worth more than your white tee, so why wouldnt you want to take care of your beautiful piece of jewellery?

The biggest hate of all is has to be when your jewellery tarnishes.

Therefore my recommendation would be to avoid storing your jewellery on these superbly gorgeous jewellery trees and take the time to give your jewellery a little wipe down with a clean cloth and store in a soft cloth bag. This little bit of love will go along way in keeping your jewellery looking its optimum for a long time.


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