Mood Board Love

Get yourself a mood board!

A mood board, an inspiration board, a vision board, for me they lead to the same thing.

Total insane inspiration I cant control!

Get yourself a mood board might sound like a high demand, I know.
What you may not realise is the inspiration and of course the envious aspiration a mood board can bring out in you.
So what is a mood board?

My mood board is a collection of photos & clippings from magazines, that in turn make me inspired. The shots of styled fashion shoots, styled interiors, exotic locations, can drive my senses wild! It creates a buzz in my mind that I just can’t stop. You will see me running to my wardrobe, to see how I can recreate that look in my style, or how can I manipulate my current wardrobe with a crystal here, a button there, a stitch over there.

A dream is dreamt – and I cant stop until I work out how I can make MY version of that. I love being inspired.

And it is exactly that, which leads to my creative inspiration that has seen zabé be born. Being able to create a piece of jewellery, that you feel excited to wear, is a total feel good moment for me.

Being able to get out and about in a piece of fashion jewellery that allows your personality be seen is a truly a dream come true.

Zabé – made just for you