Your zabé jewellery piece needs tender loving care.

Beautiful Swarovski crystals and lovely gem stones were used to make your zabé piece, along with quality findings. To ensure these remain in their best condiition, take the time to show your love. 

When you are not wearing your jewellery, I recommend storing your zabé piece in the jewellery pouch provided at time of purchase, or alternatively in a soft pouch seperate to your other pieces. This will help prevent scratching and tangling of your jewellery.

Swarovski crystal – a soft lint free cloth is all that is needed to remove any fingerprints and bring the sparkle back into your crystal

Gem Stones – as with the crystal, a soft lint free cloth is all that is needed to remove any residue on your gem stones. If you find any marks occur from the silver components touching your gemstone, just wipe the gem stone over with a soft slightly damp cloth, avoiding your silver componentry.

Sterling silver components – sterling silver can tarnish over time, when this happens simply wipe over the sterlng silver components with a silver cloth. This will remove the tarnish and bring the shine back into your zabé piece.

Silver plated components – silver plated components will tarnish over time, when this happens wipe over lightly with a silver polishing cloth to bring the shine back. Please note: Silver plating will wear over time, following zabés care instructions will help slow this process.

zabé recommends that you do not wear your zabé jewellery piece swimming, in the shower, or the like. Avoid spraying hair products on to your jewellery. Moisturises, bodylotions and the like should also be avoided around your zabé piece as they may impact the lifespan of your zabé piece. Lotions etc may dull your jewellery, and can remove plating from your metal components.

Wiping your zabé jewellery with a soft lint free cloth prior to storing in your jewellery pouch will help to remove any body oils that may have accumulated on your piece whilst wearing it, this will help ensure your piece looks beautiful and ready to wear each time.

Please note: zabé is a fashion jewellery label and over time your piece may tarnish, even with tender loving care.

zabé advises zabé jewellery is not recommended for under 10 years of age.

Thanks for taking the time to learn how to love your zabé