Zabé A New Collection – made just for you

Zabé – made just for you

Starting work on a new seasons jewellery collection is always full of excitement. There is all the creative energy and endless opportunities in front of me. An open palette just waiting to be blended and sculpted to a superb piece of fashion jewellery.

Its all about colour inspiration and how can I combine so many different elements into a beautiful piece of fashion jewellery that can suit women of all ages.

Blend this colour with that colour, this texture with that texture, and it does come from many trials and errors, not every concept makes it to the final collection.

Sometimes I dream to big, and then you realize you have to also take a step back, and remove something. That old saying of ‘always remove one thing’… does sometimes work. You can have so many ideas, that you cant help but try to put them all into every piece. Unfortunately, this is not always the way of success.

The options are endless, combining elements of wood, crystal, threads, gem stones gives me much joy.

Earrings with Sterling Silver, necklaces with a cord tie, elasticated bracelets for easy wearing. How can I stop myself from wanting each and every piece for myself.

It’s a real pleasure to be able to create the exact designs you have in your mind, and see your vision become a real piece of fashion jewellery.

This season I have incorporated Scarves into the range, a dream of mine for quite some time. To be able to expand the fashion jewellery into a range of accessories to create a complete look is exciting.

Taking the steps of finalizing a range and then creating product names for each of the fashion jewellery pieces can be a painful experience, with a lot of fun attached. This seasons theme was centered around the 20’s, martini’s, cigars and the brilliant dances.

There has been many different types of beads used mint to white pearls, a great selection of gem stones, tiger eye, amethyst, turquoise, and new to this season is wooden beads.

I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I have making it for you!

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